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May 26, 2017 BUILDWIRE

Financing: Your new secret weapon

by canadiancontractor

Three tips to help you counter common customer objections and close sales

April 7, 2017 BUILDWIRE

SoftPlan 2018 released

by canadiancontractor

The biggest addition to the technologically advance architectural design software is the real-time SoftList material estimator.

March 29, 2017 BUILDWIRE

Kiefer and Koci review Milwaukee’s new tape measures (SPONSORED VIDEO)

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These tapes “stand out” more than 13 feet, as advertised, and are engineered to withstand rough handling

February 17, 2017 BUILDWIRE

Are you getting paid for your proposals? These smart contractors are…

by Steve Payne

Post a Comment whether you agree or disagree with this approach. And why?

January 4, 2017 BUILDWIRE

Calgary firm to provide revolutionary rubber roof at St. Andrews golf resort

by canadiancontractor

Euroshield “Heritage Slate” rubber roofing will replace the existing slate roof at the Old Course Hotel

December 23, 2016 BUILDWIRE

5 questions your customers are sure to ask your references


Hey contractors, if you’ve been around the block for a while, chances are you’ve accumulated quite a few references. These are customers who were satisfied with your work, people you can trust them to give a good review of your

December 16, 2016 BUILDWIRE

JELD-WEN’s 12-Day Home Winterization Checklist


Twas the first day of winter, and all through the house, there were maintenance issues that needed to be worked out. Thankfully JELD-WEN came up with this plan, so homeowners could take matters into their own hands. Day 1 –

November 30, 2016 BUILDWIRE

Why more and more contractors are building with JELD-WEN


With a wide range of ENERGY STAR certified products, and their recent energy awards and initiatives, JELD-WEN has positioned itself as the forward-thinking window and door manufacturer that contractors seek. JELD-WEN and ENERGY STAR ENERGY STAR is a volunteer program

November 16, 2016 BUILDWIRE

Reasons to Renovate: Winter Windows Edition


Winter is coming. For some, this catch phrase may inspire excitement about a certain hit TV series. For homeowners, it means hunkering down and getting their houses prepared for cold winds, low temperatures and the necessity of an efficient heating

November 3, 2016 BUILDWIRE

Is electrical roof de-icing a good idea for your clients?

by canadiancontractor

Kits are available for various types of roofs

November 1, 2016 BUILDWIRE

DeWalt’s upcoming ‘Tale of the Tape’ is measured in toughness

by canadiancontractor

Scheduled for unveiling at the STAFDA’s 40th Annual Convention & Trade Show next week in Atlanta, (and available for purchase in spring 2017), DeWalt’s latest tape measure technology promises to go the extra mile. Using DeWalt’s patented dual-spring technology, the

October 24, 2016 BUILDWIRE

The Art of Sound Reduction


Whether you live in a busy household, have an apartment in a noisy downtown neighbourhood or next to someone who practices bagpipes on their deck, sound reduction means getting the peace and quiet you need to relax in your living

October 20, 2016 BUILDWIRE

Owens Corning focuses on developing building solutions for energy-efficient homes…

by canadiancontractor

Introducing the Owens Corning ComfortCertified™ Program

October 13, 2016 BUILDWIRE

CertainTeed MemBrain™ receives stamp of approval from the Canadian Construction Materials Centre

by canadiancontractor

Company expects the ‘smart’ vapour barrier to be part of the 2018 National Building Code

October 11, 2016 BUILDWIRE

5 Fall Renovation Ideas from JELD-WEN


With summer coming to an end, the heat and humidity has at last begun to subside. This makes for an ideal climate for completing home renovations and upgrades. Here are five excellent project ideas for the autumn season. 1. Replace

September 27, 2016 BUILDWIRE

5 Reasons to Replace your Windows


Homeowners often ask, when is it time to replace the windows in their home? Here are some tips on window replacement to help guide the decision making process. 1. Leaks and Drafts One symptom of older or ill-functioning windows is

September 21, 2016 BUILDWIRE

Reasons to Renovate: Doors Edition


Homeowners often ask the question, which areas of my home should I invest in? There isn’t always a straightforward answer. If your windows are old and leaky, then a window replacement is an excellent way to increase your home’s energy

August 24, 2016 BUILDWIRE

LP CanExel Prefinished Siding redesigned website benefits homebuilders, contractors

by canadiancontractor

Go to for an engaging experience the next time you or your homeowner client need to choose siding