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October 5, 2018 BUILDWIRE

New! Schluter KERDI-SHOWER Trays

by canadiancontractor

More shower trays. More possibilities.

September 28, 2018 BUILDWIRE

Benefit of taking a system approach to specifying and installing building wrap

by canadiancontractor

The TYPAR Weather Protection System includes building wraps, flashings, construction tape and fasteners

September 6, 2018 BUILDWIRE

Evaluating drainable building wraps

by canadiancontractor

There are many different drainable building wrap products available on the market today. Here are a few tips for selecting the right one for your project.

August 31, 2018 BUILDWIRE

More than one way to keep a wall dry

by canadiancontractor

Advancements in building wrap technology offer diverse methods for managing bulk water while reducing material costs and streamlining installation

August 21, 2018 BUILDWIRE

DULUX Paints by PPG unveils two deep, luxurious greens as 2019 Colours of the Year

by canadiancontractor

Night Watch, Mojito Shimmer bring contemporary take on old-school elegance

August 10, 2018 BUILDWIRE

How tough is your building wrap?

by canadiancontractor

As your building’s first line of defense against the elements, a building wrap must be able to stand up to a lot. Make sure the wrap you choose is up to the task.

July 27, 2018 BUILDWIRE

Saskatchewan joins Alberta in approving wire-free electrical controls in new construction

by canadiancontractor

SaskPower Electrical Inspections now accepts wireless switches in all applications including for rules 30-500 to 30-510 of the Canadian Electrical Code

July 27, 2018 BUILDWIRE

Specifying WRBs as air barriers (Sponsored Post)

by canadiancontractor

An air barrier system is only as strong as its weakest link. Make sure the products you specify are tough enough to perform in the elements.

July 9, 2018 BUILDWIRE

Questions to ask when choosing a high performance house wrap (Sponsored Post)

by canadiancontractor

5 key questions to ask before you choose a particular brand of housewrap

June 29, 2018 BUILDWIRE

Attention roofers! Propane torch safety tips

by Steve Payne

Important information for roofers, brought to you by IKO

June 25, 2018 BUILDWIRE

Air barriers defined

by canadiancontractor

Choosing an effective air barrier ensures a comfortable and energy efficient home

June 8, 2018 BUILDWIRE

New TYPAR Drainable Wrap provides added protection against water damage in exterior walls

by canadiancontractor

TYPAR Drainable Wrap has the ability to shed more bulk water than traditional house wraps

May 23, 2018 BUILDWIRE

CertainTeed partners with George Brown College to study blown-in insulation and membrane performance

by canadiancontractor

The products being put through their paces are CertainTeed MemBrain™ and InsulSafe XC™ Fiberglass Blown-In Insulation

May 4, 2018 BUILDWIRE

Roof Ventilation 101 (VIDEO)

by Steve Payne

Do you know how to tell if your client’s roof is properly ventilated? If not, watch this quick video to learn how.

April 30, 2018 BUILDWIRE

IKO ShieldBase specialty cover board for low slope roof applications (VIDEO)

by canadiancontractor

An excellent choice for recover applications, ShieldBase 180 reduces the dead weight load of the roofing system

November 10, 2017 BUILDWIRE

Your office: Coming to a smartphone near you

by canadiancontractor

With the HomeStars for Business app you can receive quote requests and manage your branding, exposure, and business leads all from your smartphone

November 1, 2017 BUILDWIRE

Advising your customers about toilet choices? Read this!

by canadiancontractor

Here are 5 factors to consider when purchasing a toilet

October 27, 2017 BUILDWIRE

RenoRun launches in Ontario

by canadiancontractor

RenoRun is a Canadian start-up that delivers building materials on demand, through a smartphone app